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Do you enjoy your job? Do you always give a hundred percent at the stuff you do? If so, congrats, but most of us have some crappy job and honestly as long as it's done, I don't really care how well it's done. Sometimes even one job can be too much and if you don't believe me, take a look at how these guys did theirs.

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Do you believe in Faith? Sometimes things like Dejavus mess with our heads, but what these people have experienced is beyond incredible.

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Disney characters can be a lot more philosophical than you would think. Check out some of our favorite quotes from your childhood heroes.


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These monsters are absolute Universal Classics. Do you dare to find out which one you represent? Find out with this quiz!

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You may have heard that someone can be green of envy, but there are lots of other feelings and emotions that can be portrayed by colors. So let's take this quiz and find out what color your personality is.