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Do we really need a compilation for that? Well, alrighty then take a look at all the perks the great white north has to offer and shiver in shame, because your country isn't half as awesome as the almighty Canada. (and I'm sorry if this offended you in any way, I'm sure your country is great in many ways also, eh.)

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Certain things a boy does, can drive a girl crazy. Check out our best of and see if these boys can make your giney tingle.

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As a man I'd rather do it my way than any other way. We don't need instruction manuals we know how it's done. So if you're in a relationship with a man and you need something done a certain way, make sure we understand you.


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Find out what kind of a stereotype personality you have by taking this quiz. Why be unique, when you can be a charming stereotype?

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Have you ever thought about the fact that you might have been present before your current life? Check out this quiz to find out what your own history is in this world!