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Has anyone ever stolen something from you? If so you probably felt like these people and wanted to tell the perpetrator exactly how you feel. But unlike you these people didn't keep it to themselves and wrote a letter to the thief.

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We all love Disney and I'm pretty sure Disney feels the same way about us. The movies have all been a part of our childhood and most of us still enjoy watching them today. They all have great jokes already, but let's be honest we're the internet generation and what would the internet generation be without a few silly puns? Enjoy.

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If you've ever been cheated on, you know how awful it feels and if you've ever cheated on someone, then you should look at this too, because that's what all of you cheaters deserve. This guy took to twitter after he found out his girlfriend had cheated on him and made the whole hilarious conversation public and we should all be grateful.


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Stuck with a lame nickname? No worries! Take this quiz to find your own personal crazy nickname that will surely make you stand out!

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This quiz is so deep we're not even sure if you can hear us down there. Find out which great philosopher you are and then google him or her and post a few quotes on facebook and feel smart and intellectual.