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Let's face it, if you make the choice to be a criminal, you're probably not the smartest person to begin with, but what these guys did, is far beyond any reasonable explainable stupidity. Sometimes you should've just stayed in school and gotten a real job. Take a look.

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Vandalism doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Sometimes people take the time to improve something by just adding a little bit of marker to it. Check out these creative examples.

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Taking selfies has become a trend worldwide. But not only us humans can take cool, crazy or hilarious pictures of ourselves. Check out how man's best friends pose for themselves.


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Who would not wish to have a legendary rocker as a friend? But we can't all be this lucky. At least you can now determine which of these legends is your secret soulmate!

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Many of us have a favorite animal. Answer these questions and find out what your spirit animal should be!