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Being an introvert isn't too bad, as long as you can stay indoors, or basically in your room, all by yourself. But sometimes us introverts have to face reality and get out into the real world and it scares us. Most people don't understand it, but to be fair these thoughts seem completely logical to us. If you're an introvert like me, take a look and I promise you'll recognize yourself in at least one of these scenarios.

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I don't have anything against winter at all. It's a nice time to be at home, you can cozy up, watch tv or spend time with your loved ones (or the internet). But when you have to go outside it's like a white hell and I don't like it. Check out 17 signs it's too freaking cold outside.

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Whether it's cheating the system or just a witty response that had to be said, these people are the perfect examples of how to leave somebody speechless. Take a look.


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Disney's Peter Pan has a lot of rad characters. Find out here who you would represent in the imaginary world of Peter.

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Stuck with a lame nickname? No worries! Take this quiz to find your own personal crazy nickname that will surely make you stand out!