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Why are they called ships anyway? I mean I get the fact that they can keep you out of the water and sort of protect you, but seriously relationships are the second worst ships ever, right after those that sink. They are as much fight as they are love and if you don't agree then maybe you're not in a real relationship, because in a real relationship it's all about power... I think..

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Who's excited for the new Hunger Games movie? Whether you're Team Katniss or Team Peeta, you probably want to check out these awesome portraits of your favorite characters from the film.

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Approximately, one out of ten people is left-handed. So if you are, you know what it means to live in a world, filled with stuff, made for right-handed people. Take a look at a few things that aren't as easy for a lefty, as they are for a righty.


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Find out which Lord of the Rings character you are. Are you as brave as Aragorn or are you a true friend like Sam. Maybe you're more like Gollum, take this quiz and be sure.

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Have you ever wondered who you would have been if you were a famous actor? Question yourself no longer and take this quiz to find out!