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Well in this case, it's not really what they said, more what they wrote. Apology notes, letters, and diaries and all of them are just cute, adorable and absolutely hilarious. Check it out.

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Whether it's cheating the system or just a witty response that had to be said, these people are the perfect examples of how to leave somebody speechless. Take a look.

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Bill Gates once said 'I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way.' That's my motto and no I'm not lazy, I just like to be comfortable and don't unnecessarily move my precious body. Take a look at our tutorial 'How to be lazy'


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For those who believe that there is a life after death the question remains how you are going to spend it. Take this quiz to find out which position you will hold after you are gone from this earth!

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If you want to know what South Park character you were as a child, then you should take this quiz. For your family and friends' sake, let's hope you weren't Cartman.