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When you lose a pet, it's usually nothing to laugh about, but when people put up hilarious posters, that aren't meant to be taken too seriously, it really is. Take a look at the brave people that still manage to be funny in the face of a tragedy. (And no, it's not actually serious, more like hysterically funny) No real pets were lost in this compilation. Enjoy.

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No matter where in the world, exams take their toll on all of us. On some more than on others, but we can all agree that we sometimes behave in a weird way during finals week. Take a look at what I mean.

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I wonder what the real problem at Starbuck is, do they not know how to spell? Do they have some kind of condition that keeps them from remembering a name for more than two seconds or do they just not listen? It's probably all of the above and if you don't know what I'm talking about take a look.


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If you should start a rap career or not is probably debatable, but that shouldn't stop you from finding out what kind of a rapper you would be.

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Sports are cool and the more extreme the more fun. Find out here which extreme sport is your best fit!