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Have you ever noticed how weird some video game stories are? Sometimes you don't realize how funny but messed up the logic behind your favorite game is, until you really think about it. Take a look.

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Remember MSN? All of you in your twenties do, don't lie! We've all had it and we've all loved it. There are lots of precious memories that all of us share around this amazing program that revolutionized communication for our generation. So take a look at this compilation and tell me that you didn't do the same exact thing.

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Volume VI of your favorite compilation category. Enjoy the best and funniest tumblr posts from this week on likealaugh.


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Many of us have a favorite animal. Answer these questions and find out what your spirit animal should be!

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Fire, Earth, Water or Air. Find out your bending element and then let's all try and forget about the horrible movie M. Night Shyamalan made.