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We all love Disney and I'm pretty sure Disney feels the same way about us. The movies have all been a part of our childhood and most of us still enjoy watching them today. They all have great jokes already, but let's be honest we're the internet generation and what would the internet generation be without a few silly puns? Enjoy.

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We all know the text messages from Dog. What if your cat was able to text you? Take a sneak peak into the mind of a cat and see if you recognize your feline friend.

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No matter where in the world, exams take their toll on all of us. On some more than on others, but we can all agree that we sometimes behave in a weird way during finals week. Take a look at what I mean.


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There are many teams playing in the world cup. Click here to find out which team actually represents your personality the best.

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Fire, Earth, Water or Air. Find out your bending element and then let's all try and forget about the horrible movie M. Night Shyamalan made.