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If your mom texts you a lot, sometimes it can lead to extremely funny situations. It doesn't have to be auto correct, some moms just share a little bit too much with their kids. Others use their phones to text their kids puns or give them great advice for life. It's hilarious and so relatable it hurts.

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This guy puts all dad jokes to shame, with the hilarious notes he writes. Check out this hilarious compilation.

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Back in the days we used to tell each other stories that we've heard about Chuck Norris and other people and some of them might have been rumors and exaggerated. But some of them were true and I'm not completely sure about these facts since I found them on the internet, but they are still pretty believable.


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Taylor Swift has many fans around the globe. But are you really one of them? Take this quiz and find out!

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You surely are one awesome human being. But what is the one thing about you that is unbelievably sexy? Take this quiz and find out now!