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Do you know what petrichor is? It's the scent of rain on dry earth. Educate yourself. Learn the names of 11 things you know, but never knew what they were actually called.

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Signs are important, they tell us what to do and what not to do or clarify a certain situation or give us directions, when we need them. But this goes without saying, that some signs are different... Let's call them unique in their own way. Take a look at what I'm talking about.

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We all read those studies on how most people can't even get through a couple of minutes without telling some kind of lie. To be honest that's fine, most of the time, but sometimes lying doesn't only get you into trouble. It's messing with someone else's feelings. I mean if you still got some pretzels don't tell me you're all out man. Take a look.


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Do you like classic board games? Take this quiz and find out which one fits your personality the best!

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Classic Rock Bands have some of the coolest names. Take this quiz to find out what your rocking name would be.